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    Placement angielski young

    Test językowy : young angielski

    For questions 1-50 choose the correct answer.
    1 There are many tall buildings ______ my city.
    2 Many people ______ in flats today.
    3 What did you do yesterday?
    4 Three different species of monkeys live ______ this island.
    5 ______ many different colours. Which do you like best?
    6 Are you sick? You ______ go to see a doctor.
    7 The players on our team are ______ than the other team’s players.
    8 There ______ one teacher for every ten students in my school.
    9 Some musicians______ a song outside my window.
    10 Anyone ______ learn to ride a bike.
    11 My aunt is a doctor. She really loves ______ job.
    12 Is that your guitar? No, it isn’t. It’s my ______ guitar. He loves playing it.
    13 While bats are hunting at night, songbirds ______in nests.
    14 Wildlife ______ have a safe habitat to survive.
    15 What did women wear in the 1800s?
    16 In the 1920s, women ________ to wear shorter dresses.
    17 At the concert, the band performed a few _________.
    18 My sister has the ______ idea for a new app.
    19 My friend loves technology. She ______ have a career in technology someday.
    20 Our ancestors ______ in this country for thousands of years.
    21 There are two green chairs in my room. ______ light green one is my favourite place to sit and read.
    22 The chair isn’t ______ my bed, but it’s in a bright, sunny place.
    23 A good night’s sleep protects your body. Many people don’t get ______ sleep.
    24 Tests always ______ nervous – even when I’ve studied.
    25 Before smartphones, people ______ get messages on answering machines.
    26 What are you doing with those extra apples?
    27 If you like nutritious meals, you _________ my dad’s cooking.
    28 My neighbour wants to surround people with art. She thinks it should be _________.
    29 The wildfire ______ for over a week.
    30 The day before the hurricane, residents of the area ______ for evacuation.
    31 Gabe has a really outgoing personality, ______?
    32 Marie refuses to go into the cave. She ______ that there are bats inside.
    33 I don’t want ______ these old clothes. Is there a way we can re-use them?
    34 The club I ______ has two leaders.
    35 I have ______ clothes. I need to give some away.
    36 A lot of styles ______ by past trends.
    37 The new satellite works ______ the old one.
    38 By the time Isabel first went on an aeroplane, she ______ college.
    39 If I had known about the space shuttle launch, I ______.
    40 ‘I drew dog portraits for my art project because dogs are my favourite subjects.’ She _______.
    41 My mum told me to stop _________ so much TV and go outside.
    42 I _________ the light festival every year.
    43 If I had remembered to bring food from home, I _________ money on a sandwich now.
    44 She _________ all 50 states by the end of the year.
    45 The _______ the flight, the more fuel is needed.
    46 To capture a good photo of the sunrise, your camera _________at just the right angle.
    47 My goal is to travel to _________ Peru to explore _________Andes. I’ve never been to _________ South America before!
    48 Lee: Is there any homework tonight? = Lee _________.
    49 Lara is a very skilled surfer. = _________ is a very skilled surfer is Lara.
    50 What word can be removed from this sentence without changing its meaning? : "The fossils that they found in the desert are over 60 million years old!"